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Tasha Schnathorst

Level 3 Massage Therapist/Level 3 Esthetician

Unlike many massage therapist, Tasha did not feel a calling towards a career in massage therapy, rather she found it by accident.  Tasha had 5 years experience as a recruiter for a staffing agency.  She was looking for a part time position, when she happened to find a position as a recruiter for a massage therapy school, and it was a perfect match!  After about a month on the job, she thought it would be beneficial to take a course, so she could better describe the program to prospective students, and once she realized how much FREE massage you receive in class, she enrolled in a 1,000 hour program with a very eclectic variety of massage modalities and treatments!  Initially, Tasha was drawn to the luxury component that many of her more spa classes offered, but as her program evolved, she began to understand the health and wellness benefits and combined the two.

Shortly after enrolling full time, Tasha joined the school full time as the Dean of Students, and upon graduation, she opened a private massage studio, where she massaged on the side, before moving to Marshalltown in 2012, then opened aSPArations in 2013.  Always looking for ways to grow the business, Tasha saw the lack of advanced skincare in the community and returned to school for esthetics in 2015 and graduated that fall.

Her background in education, pushes her desire to always learn more and she has quickly advanced both her massage practice, as well as her skincare.  Tasha is currently Dermalogica Certified, and working towards her Expert status).  Besides Relaxation Massage, Tasha is knowledgeable in Deep Tissue, Hot(/Cold) Stone, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue and PreNatal Massage.

Terry Schnathorst

Amanda Moeller - Level 2 Stylist

Christina Danner - Level 1 Stylist

Kate Brafford - Level 1 Stylist

Zane Dreesman - Level 1 Stylist

Sulema Avila - Level 1 Nail & Hair Removal Specialist

Novana Brown - Level 1 Skincare Therapist, Level 3 Hair Removal Specialist

Ashley Wagner - Level 2 Massage Therapist



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