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Body Treatments

Arctic Chill Heavy Duty Detox Wrap

Go into your special place with this unique, but extreme body treatment designed at flushing your body’s systems.  Snuggly wrapped in an ice-cold sheet, the blood from your extremities, rushes to your core to protect it’s vital organs.  AS the blood slowly returns, the body naturally heats itself up, flushing itself while strengthening the vitality of the body.  Not for the weak!  Each guest “processes” differently.  Please allow 60-90 minutes for this treatment.

Level 1•Level 2•Level 3•Level 4

$35 Addition of FAR Infrared Treatment during treatment time.


Body Lush Hydration Wrap

Elegant satiny feel, moisturizes, soothes, and softens.  Deeply hydrates and heals the skin.

45 Minutes

Level 1•Level 2•Level 3•Level 4


FAR Infrared Treatments

FAR Infrared expands capillaries, stimulating increased blood flow, circulation and oxygenation, making it excellent for detoxification.  Great on it’s own or the perfect addition to any of our body wraps or facial treatments.

60 Minutes - $65
$35 Enhancement with any body wrap or facial treatment.

Mud and Hydration Wraps

All our mud and hydrating wraps start with dry brushing* to gently exfoliate dead skin, leaving your skin more receptive to the choice treatment.

  • French Rose ~ Refines & softens skin, accelerating cell renewal.
  • Baltic Black ~ Promotes detoxification, assists in skin tone.
  • Seaweed ~ Assists in firming and smoothing skin texture.
  • Sedona Red ~ Anti-oxidant and anti-aging.  Leaves skin supple and re-mineralized.

*When partnered with a body scrub, the scrub will take place of the dry scrub as the exfoliation treatment.

Level 1•Level 2•Level 3•Level 4

$35 Enhancement of FAR Infrared Treatment during treatment time.

Body Scrubs

Our scrubs are designed to stimulate your senses while polishing your skins surface and increasing the naturla flow of lymph.  All scrubs are followed by a moisturizing Body Butter in a complimentary scent.  Scents change seasonally.

Please note: shaving causes the pores to open which may burn when product is applied, please refrain from shaving 12 hours prior to service.

30 Minutes

Level 1•Level 2•Level 3•Level 4



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